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Unlock the value of any energy asset in seconds.


The SkribAI Difference

Log evaluation is often the most expensive and time consuming step in any energy asset evaluation. SkribAI’s proprietary downhole digital twin technology democratizes energy opportunity valuation for any deal.

Cloud Friendly

SkribAi leverages the Next-Gen Serverless architecture powered by AWS Lambda to manage the flow of code across the development pipeline and power the essential features of the platform resulting to cost savings, zero administration, and downtime, and seamless scaling that can handle a high number of requests.

Platform Agnostic

Integrate multiple image formats for processing in seconds. Users can upload full or partial log images and import processed data in multiple software platforms.

Robust Science

SkribAi test each AI model on real-world data, gathered and annotated by a team of domain experts to ensure our predictions remain robust to varying landscapes. Our focus on edge technologies ensures inference is lightning-fast, making us well suited for annotating large batches.

Simple to use

Go from log analysis to actionable data within seconds. Pixels to Value via the SkribAI 3-step process.

About Us

Our Mission is Simple: Level the Playing Field.

Non-modern downhole well logs are expensive to digitize and require domain experts to evaluate. This creates a barrier of entry for small companies to develop energy assets.

We create a digital twin from a downhole well log image for energy evaluation projects, which is 100x faster and 50x less expesive than traditional mehods.

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Our Product

The three steps to unlocking value

Step 1


Upload single or multiple image files.

Step 2


Click 'Digitize Logs' to activate SkribAI's proprietary model.

Step 3


Download Excel report and start analysis.

Our Team

Meet The Team

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Fred Soliz
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Trent Stoker
Head Product and Sales

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